Sakertour spend considerable time and resources to help birds on species level as well. We try to protect certain species or group of species in practice by funding breeding habitat or feeding habitat creation. Annually several thousand Euros spent on these actions.

We finance nest boxes for various owl species and over the years more than 500 were created and installed in the various habitats of the Carpathian Basin. From 2012 we will support nest boxes for Red-footed Falcons, starting with 50 nest box.

We have also been helping the winter feeding of White-tailed Eagles and other raptors in the Hortobágy National Park since 2007. We operate three of the four feeding stations of the Hortobágy National Park where we dispose about 3 tons of fish in a season (November to March).

Our Passerine feeding stations in the Hortobágy and Zemplén area help thousands of birds to survive the cold winter month. A total of 1500kg bird seed and 50kg of fat is used annually in these feeding stations.

Around our hides we attract fish eating birds by fish and we offer drinking and bathing places for passerines and Cranes around our various hides.

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