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Destinations > DOBRUDJA PLAINS
Vast grassland adjacent to Danube Delta

  1. The rolling grasslands of the plains are home to some steppe bird species in Romania
  2. Part of the Balkan peninsula therefore the perfect place to find Eastern European breeding birds and Asian vagrants
  3. Breeding raptors include Short-toed Eagle, Booted Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, Levant Sparrowhawk and Saker Falcon.
  4. Migrant raptors regularly include Lesser-spotted Eagles and Red-footed Falcons.
  5. There are up to four species of wheatears breeding such as Common, Isabelline, Pied and Black-eared Wheathers.
  6. Other notable breeders include Calandra and Short-toed Larks, Red-rumped Swallow, Sombre Tit, Ortolan and Black-headed Buntings
  7. Huge Rose-coloured Starling colonies offer a unique experience in some years.
  8. Over the Dobrudjan Plains thousands of diurnal raptors and storks migrate each year. This important flyway is the second biggest in Europe, called “Via Pontica”.
  9. Important wintering place of a globally threatened Red-breasted Goose with around 30% of the entire World population spending the winter here.
  10. Delightful limestone gorges with specific flora and fauna

Habitat diversity:
Dry, rolling steppe; limestone gorges; oak and linden forests and large agricultural areas with specific birdspecies

Bird specialities and best watching period
Bird specialities Best watching period
Red-breasted Goose Mid-November to end of March
Black Stork August, September
Egyptian Vulture irregular but best period in May, June
Griffon Vulture irregular but best period in May, September
Imperial Eagle Scarce May, June
Lesser Spotted Eagle Migrate high number in Mid-September
Greater Spotted Eagle September in migration and wintering birds between December-March
Short-toed Eagle Mid April to September
Booted Eagle May to September
Black Kite Early September
Pallid Harrier April, May, September
Long-legged Buzzard Mid-April to end of October
Rough-legged Buzzard November to mid-March
Levant Sparrowhawk Mid- May to early September
Red-footed Falcon Late April to mid-September
Saker Falcon August, September
Stone Curlew Mid-April to end of October
Eagle Owl April, May
Nightjar May
Bee-eater May to September
Roller Early May to mid-September
Grey-headed Woodpecker all year round
Syrian Woodpecker all year round
Middle Spotted Woodpecker all year round
White-backed Woodpecker first half of April and winter time
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker September
Calandra Lark May to December
Short-toed Lark Late April to August
Red-rumped Swallow April to September
Isabelline Wheatear Mid-April to early September
Black-eared Wheatear Mid-April to early September
Pied Wheatear Mid-April to late August
Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush Mid-April to September
Barred Warbler May
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler September
Sombre Tit all year round
Lesser Grey Shrike Late April to first half of September
Great Grey Shrike November to mid-March
Woodchat Shrike First half of May, September
Rose-coloured Starling late May, June
Spanish Sparrow April to late August
Ortolan Bunting May, June
Black-headed Bunting May, June

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