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World Heritage Area in Hungary

WHY HORTOBÁGY? Full bird list of Hortobágy (downloadable)
  1. A small piece of Asia inside Europe
  2. The western fringe of the Asian Steppe
  3. Undoubtedly among the finest birdwatching areas of Europe
  4. Over 340 bird species has been recorded
  5. Real migration hotspot with an astonishing number of birds
  6. Pygmy Cormorants, Bitterns, Spoonbills and Ferruginous Ducks are common
  7. Major stopover area for geese including Lesser White-fronted and Red-breasted Goose
  8. Over 20 pairs of Saker and more than 200 pairs of Red-footed Falcons breeding
  9. Other breeding raptors include White-tailed Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, Montagu’s Harrier and others
  10. Up to 100,000 Common Cranes migrate through the area in autumn
  11. 130 Great Bustards and hundreds of Little Crakes inhabit the Park
  12. Regular passage of scarce waders (Dotterel, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper, Great Snipe)
  13. Gulls and marsh terns are plentiful
  14. Hoopoe, Bee-eater and Roller are all regular breeders
  15. Some spectacular warblers are abundant breeders (Aquatic, Moustached, Marsh, Savi’s, Grasshopper)

Habitat diversity:
(1)Wet grassland (2) Dry grassland (3) Dry wooded Steppe (4) Natron swamps (5) Natron lakes (6) Fishponds (7) Floodplain gallery forest (8) Floodplain wetlands (9) Agricultural lands (10) Oak forest

Bird specialities and best watchig period
Bird specialities Best watching period
Red-necked Grebe Mid-March to September
Pygmy Cormorant Early March to November
European Bittern Early April to November
Little Bittern Late April to late August
Glossy Ibises Mid-April to late August
Black Stork April to late September
Lesser White-fronted Goose Late September to November; February to early April
Red-breasted Goose November; February to mid-March
Ferruginous Duck Early March to September
Smew November; February
White-tailed Eagle all year round
Imperial Eagle June-August
Lesser Spotted Eagle June-August
Spotted Eagle Mid-October to early March
Steppe Eagle irregular-best time from May to August
Short-toed Eagle Early July to early September
Booted Eagle irregular-best time from mid-June to August
Montagu’s Harrier Mid-April to August
Pallid Harrier Last week of March and first half of April; last week of August and first half of September
Rough-legged Buzzard Early October to mid-March
Long-legged Buzzard April to November
Red-footed Falcon Late April to mid-September
Merlin October to March
Saker Falcon February to December
Little Crake Mid-April to early September
Spotted Crake August
Crane April to November; peak from late September to late October
Great Bustard all year round; display in April
Black-winged Stilt April to August
Stone Curlew Mid-April to October
Collared Pratincole May to August (1 hour drive from Hortobágy)
Dotterel Irregular in May; late August to late October
Broad-billed Sandpiper Late May; second half of August
Marsh Sandpiper April; late June to August
Great Snipe Late April to mid-May; late August to October
Mediterranean Gull Mid-April to August
Great Black-headed Gull Irregular-best time from June to September
Caspian Tern April; July to August
White-winged Black Tern Late April to mid-May, August; if breeding May to August
Whiskered Tern Late April to September
Long-eared Owl All year round
Short-eared Owl year dependent; all year round
Barn Owl all year round
Little Owl all year round
Hoopoe March to August
Bee-eater May to August
Roller Late April to early September
Black Woodpecker October to early April
Green Woodpecker all year round
Syrian Woodpecker all year round
Short-toed Lark Mid-April to June (1 hour drive from Hortobágy)
Tawny Pipit Mid-April to August
Red-throated Pipit Late April to late May; Mid-September to late October
Thrush Nightingale Irregular-Second part of May and August
Bluethroat Early April to August
Aquatic Warbler Early May to late June
Moustached Wrbler Late March to October; best April and May
Marsh Warbler Second week of May to June
Great Reed Warbler Mid-April to August
Grasshopper Warbler Late April to June
Savi's Warbler Mid-April to early September
Icterine Warbler Second half of May and August
Red-breasted Flycatcher irregular, best in the second half of August
Collared Flycatcher Mid-April to June (1 hour drive from Hortobágy)
Penduline Tit February to October
Bearded Tit February to November
Short-toed Treecreeper all year round (1 hour drive from Hortobágy)
Red-backed Shrike Late April to September
Lesser Grey Shrike Early May to August
Great Grey Shrike Late September to March
Rose-coloured Starling 23rd to 27th of May; if breeding late May to early July
Golden Oriole Late April to September
Twite October to March
Serin Mid-April to September
Snow Bunting Late October to February
Lapland Bunting Late September to February

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