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Carpathian high elevation birding near the Hungarian border

  1. Subalpine Carpathian spruce forest with mixed deciduous forests in Romania
  2. Only a few houres drive from the Hortobágy
  3. Easily done from the Hortobágy as a day trip to increase your bird list
  4. The nearest extensive spruce forests to the Hungarian /Romanian border
  5. Easily driveable road from foothill grassland habitats through old oak and beech woods to the spruce forsets
  6. Easily accessible Three-toed woodpecker habitat
  7. Red-breasted and Collared Flycatcher are quite common breeders
  8. Ural Owl also a regular breeder
  9. Other specialities of spruce forests are Ring Ouzel, Nutcracker, Firecrest and Crested Tit
  10. The foothill habitats are good for Black Stork, Bee-eater, Barred Warbler, Great Grey Shrike and Ortolan Bunting

Habitat diversity:
(1) Carpatian spruce forest (2) Mountain streems (3) Beech and Oak forest (4) Grazed foothill grassland

Bird specialities and best watching period
Bird specialities Best watching period

Black Stork

April to July

Ural Owl

May to September

Scops Owl

May to June


May to August

Black Wodpecker

all year round

Grey-headed Woodpecker

all year round

Three-toed Woodpecker

Late April to October


March to October


all year round

Ring Ouzel

Mid-April to September

Barred Warbler

May and June


Late April to August

Red-breasted Flycatcher

May and June

Collared Flycatcher

May and June

Crested Tit

all year round

Willow Tit

all year round

Long-tailed Tit

March to November

Red-backed Shrike

May to September

Great Grey Shrike

all year round


all year round; best April and August to September


all year round


all year round


all year round


all year round

Ortolan Bunting

Late April to July

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