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The Hunagry, Slovakia & Transylvania GT 2017 report is now online
2017-06-30 10:14:29

We have just uploaded the report of our latest Grand Tour to the Central Europe! We have been running this Hungary, Slovakia & Transylvania tour for 6 years now and it yielded amazing results in 2017 too. We got all European breeding woodpeckers, seven species of owls and lot more! You can read about it here as Gábor Simay reports on this years expereinces! We also have our 2018 dates and the tour already has a guaranteed departure. Come and join us for some great birding with a newly updated itinerary!!

2017.06.30. 10:14:23.| collaredflycatcher705.jpg

Collared Flycatcher (János Oláh)

Transylvania Birding Tour 2018
2017-06-17 11:49:55

The Transylvania Birding Tour with its new itinerary was a great success this year! The tour recorded a total of 145 species. It is a fantastic tour to see amazing forests, limestone gorges, a selection of great birds, Carpathian Brown Bears and a crossection of Transylvania. This hidden part of Europe still has fantastic natural resources and still has large carnivores too! In the European tourism Transylvania is getting more and more popular and after 20 years of experience in the area we have also decided to launch a birding tour in this fascinating place. For overseas birders it makes a great 15 days tour to Romania if combined with our Danube Delta Spring Tour.

Come and join us for 2018 as the new dates are now online for the Transylvania Birding Tour! The report of the 2017 tour is now available at the trip reports section!

2017.06.17. 11:49:03.| shorelark4balcanica705jo.jpg

The 'balcanica' race of the Shore Lark in Transylvania (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.06.17. 11:49:51.| redrumpedswallow705jo.jpg

Red-rumped Swallow nest building in Transylvania in 2017 (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.06.17. 11:49:16.| uralowlchicksjo.jpg

Ural Owl chicks in Transylvania. We have a good chance to see these owl on the tour (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.06.17. 11:49:39.| barredwarbler705.jpg

Barred Warbler in Transylvania (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.06.17. 11:49:27.| whitebackedwoodpeckerbz2017.jpg

White-backed Woodpecker in Transylvania. It was seen well on the tour with other woodpeckers like Three-toed Woodpecker (Photo: Zoltán Baczó).

Sakertour Team

We have already uploaded some of the 2018 tour dates for birdwatching and photography tours as well!
2017-03-05 06:27:50

Please take alook at our birding tour calendar and the photography tour calendar as we have uploaded the first tour dates for 2018. More to follow but the best dates are quickly sell so why not to secure your 2018 holiday with us in time!

Our most popular birding tour is the three country Hungary, Slovakia & Transylvania GT which already have dates for 2018 and this tour is linkable with our Danube Delta tour every year!

The Hungary Spring Hide-photography tour dates has already been uploaded and we have two back to back tours in 2018! If you looking for a longer photography holiday we have a special 10% offer for photographers booking both tours!


2017.03.05. 06:44:55.| uralowl705jo.jpg

Ural Owl has been seen every year on our GT tour alongsid with another 8 species of owls (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.03.05. 06:44:30.| rockthrush2sakerweb705jo.jpg

Rock Thrush is also a target on our GT tour (Photo: János Oláh).


2017.03.05. 06:47:17.| redfoot2705oj2015.jpg

Red-foted Falcon is one of the star bird on our Hungary Spring photography tours. In 2018 we run our tours in the mating season of these delightful birds (János Oláh).

Sakertour team

Merry Christmas and a Bir-filled 2017 for everybody!
2016-12-23 05:15:19

2016.12.23. 05:15:14.| sakertours2016xmascardweb.jpg

Our short breake to see Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose is amazing!
2016-11-14 01:01:01

We have designed a short break in 2014 to see two rare and globally threatened waterfowl in Hungray: the RED-BREASTED GOOSE and the LESSER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE. Hortobágy National Park in Hungary is probably the easiest place to see these two geese within one short tour. The Red-breasted Goose numbers are continously increasing in the last 20 years (sort of doubled in every 5 years) and nowadays it is easy and predictable to see them. We regularly have hundreds of these majestic birds! The supporting cast is also excellent with thousands of Cranes, Eastern Imperial, Greater Spotted and White-tailed Eagles, Long-legged Buzzard, Saker, Great Bustard and with an extension of a day or two you can see Ural Owl and woodpeckers in the nearby hills.

Our tour is running in late October and in March, please take a look at our tour calendar and select the most suitable dates for you! Come and see these rare geese with us! We also design custom tours for single travellers and friends!

We are staying in the newly opened Bíbic Nature Lodge and often both Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose is a 'garden bird' here. Take a look of the images taken in the past two weeks from the lodge!

2016.11.09. 13:49:28.| rbg1juhasztibor705.jpg

Red-breasted Geese by Tibor Juhász / Bíbic Nature Lodge


2016.11.09. 13:48:56.| lesserwhitefronts705hortobagy05112016jo.jpg

Lesser White-fronted Geese family by János Oláh


2016.11.09. 13:49:40.| rbg2juhasztibor705.jpg

Red-breasted geese by Tibor Juhász / Bíbic Nature Lodge

Sakertour team