Species form the biodiversity, the resources of ecosystem services. It functions like a global commercial bank producing the life-supporting ecosystem services as well as like a huge insurance bank ensuring its long-term viability. Economic valuation of ecosystem services produced by biodiversity resource became a promising interdisciplinary research area in recent years. We are getting more aware that only a small fragment of the biodiversity resource is described, and running with time in the vital process of revising the neoliberal economic ideas that kill our living companies, while degrading biodiversity resources in an accelerating rate.

How can we survive the dictates of the “Modern Economic Man”?
Why biodiversity crisis of liberal economy is so vital?
Why we need to quantify the biodiversity with species survey (birds) and species description (caddisfly)?
Are we able to describe the unknown species even if the present funding scenario changes and becomes linked to describing new species?

Lack of taxonomist
Lack of taxonomists to handle the task of identifying and naming undescribed species that is the lack of expertise to effectively describe the remaining biodiversity on earth is a real “taxonomic impediment”.

Is it really an ”impediment” or is it rather an “expedient”?

Inactivity of taxonomist
There is “another taxonomic impediment”, that is clearly an “expedient”. That is simply our inactivity in describing new species and this is created and maintained by our inherent human character that few taxonomists enjoy the entire process in the publishing arena. Individual taxonomists have their own habits. Few of us complete all the eight steps leading to the taxonomic nirvana of species description.

Both the limiting number and the inactivity of taxonomist contribute to the present scenario when we are unable to keep the race of describing over killing.

Economy of biodiversity
Under the increasing pressure of resource consumption and malfunctioning allocation we are facing the problem how to describe rapidly and reliably the unknown species. Species which have still survived in the habitat fragments left, and species which have been already extinct but waiting for description as dead specimens in collections. Human ethics, the philosophy of moral urges our human duty to produce at least a monument of description for these tiny creatures. Every living creature constitutes the biosphere together with us on their own right. Moreover their biodiversity produces annually 180 1012 USD, the calculated global value of ecosystem services vital for sustainable economy and for human survival. This is 4.5 times more than the annual gross world product (GWP: 40 1012 USD in 2000) of the “modern economic man”.

Sakertour and Biodiversity
Sakertour is a university based company that initiates, invests, carries out and co-ordinates field research on bird populations, zoology, habitat restoration, landscape ecology, rural development and ecotourism.

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